School Fee Protocol for 2024

As a relatively small independent school, Hebron Christian Academy relies heavily on the timeous payment of all fees for staff wages and the effective management of the school.

Fees for admission, payable per applicant, for grades RR – 7 are as follows:

  • R500 Readiness / Diagnostic assessment fee, payable on the day of assessment
  • R1500 Registration fee, payable when the Contract for Tuition is submitted
  • R30000 School fees per annum, divided into twelve equal instalments of R2500, payable in advance by the 1st day of every month, without demand

The first instalment of school fees for all applicants for the beginning of a new year needs to be paid at the Orientation meeting.

All fees are subject to change / increase annually from the month of January.

Banking Details

First National Bank: Zevenwacht branch. Account Number: 51401147959. Branch code: 250655. Reference: Full name and surname of the learner

Admission Procedure

Please phone the School office to ensure that there is space in the Grade required before your application form and documents are submitted. Your application cannot be considered and processed until all of the documents, mentioned below, have been received by us.

  • Complete and submit the online application form (see clickable button below named “Proceed to Online Application Form“)
  • Before proceeding to the Online Application, please ensure you have the following documents ready for upload:
  1. A copy of the learner’s latest report stamped by the school. Not applicable for Grade RR applications
  2. A certified copy of both parent’s ID documents
  3. A certified copy of the learner’s birth certificate
  4. 3 months’ Payslips of both Parents and/or Sponsor
  5. A letter of reference from your Church Pastor/Minister on the Church’s letterhead
  6. Signed Consent to use Personal Information (POPI) form. You can download the form by clicking HERE.
  • A payment history and credit check will be done
  • If this is successful, an appointment for the Readiness assessment (grade RR – 1), or Diagnostic assessment (grades 2 – 7) will be set up for your child. The assessment fee of R500 is payable on the day of the appointment
  • An additional requirement for Grades RR – 1 is the completion of the relevant Annexure A (A) and Annexure C (A) documents which must be downloaded from “Other Forms” below, completed, signed and emailed to prior to the Assessment meeting
  • You will be advised in writing as to whether or not your application has been accepted by the School Management Team
  • If your application is successful, you will be contacted to attend an Orientation meeting
  • The Contract for Tuition (form AP05), and the Contract for Aftercare (form AP54, if required), must be downloaded from “Other Forms” below, completed, and emailed to prior to the Orientation meeting
  • Parents are requested to review the Learner Code of Conduct which can be found under “Other Forms” below, to familiarise themselves with the School’s internal procedures as these relate to the learner
  • These forms will be signed at the Orientation meeting
  • The Registration fee of R1500, and the first instalment of school fees and aftercare fees (if required) is payable at the Orientation meeting
  • It is compulsory for both parents to attend this meeting
  • The Personal Details Form (form AP15) must also be downloaded from “Other Forms” below, completed, and emailed to prior to the Orientation meeting
  • Details regarding the school uniform and stationery will be discussed at the Orientation meeting
  • For further details contact Gonda Viljoen at the Administration office on 0219066980

Criteria for Admission

  • The language proficiency of the applicant in both English and Afrikaans is required as the school currently only offers these two official languages
  • Availability of space in the Grade being applied for
  • The affordability of tuition costs determined by a payment history and credit check
  • The result of the school Readiness (for grades RR – 1) / Diagnostic assessment (for grades 2 – 7)
  • Meeting academic and behavioural requirements
  • Acceptance that your child will be exposed to the Christian faith

Online Application Form

Other forms